Martin Myers (1812-1884) Obituary

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Death of Martin Myers

The announcement on Saturday morning of the death of Martin Myers, of heart disease, though not unexpected, was received with expressions of sorrow on every hand. For ten years be had lived in this community, a prominent businessman. respected by all. For some months his health had been failing steadily, and for some weeks past his death was expected, daily. He realized this and expressed himself ready to go at the call ol the Master, yet bore his afflictions with patience, and fortitude until the end came. The funeral services were held In the M. E. Church on Monday, and were generally attended, our business men closing their stores for that purpose. Professor Sharp of Mt. Morris College delivered an eloquent discourse on the occasion, after which Elder Forney, concluded the exercises with a few appropriate remarks.

Martin Myers was born at Clearspring, Washington County, Maryland, February 28th, 1812, and was therefore in his seventy third year at the time of his death. In 1828 he entered a general store in his native town as a clerk, serving in this capacity until 1836, when be formed a co partnership with his brother-in law, James D. Tabler, and opened a general store, which they conducted successfully until 1839, when Mr. Tabler was succeeded in the firm by bis nephew, Martin Myley, whose death in 1842 dissolved the firm, and he thereafter conducted tbe business alone, until his removal in 1871 to Basil, Ohio, where he again engaged in the business, until 1874, when on account of poor health of himself and family, he removed to Polo, where he was then carrying on business under the firm name of Myers & Tabler, having in April, 1868, bought his Polo property, and placed the business of the firm in the hands of Samuel Tabler. On the death of Mr. Tabler, he assumed the management of the business, in which he has been actively engaged ever since, until his death closed an honorable business record extending over fifty six years.

On the 31st of December, 1833, he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah Tabler, of Martinsburg, Berkley County. Virginia, with whom he was permitted to pass fifty years of wedded life. His immediate family united with the worthy couple last December in celebrating their golden anniversary.

ln 1830, he became a member of the (Tunker) or German Baptist Church, of which denomination be remained a true and faithful adherent to the last, making 54 years consecrated to the service of his Master.

He was of gentle disposition, generous to his family, and kind to all. He was plain and unassuming in all things, in his last moments resigned, and ready to meet death, feeling that Heaven was his eternal home. A devoted wife and eight children, six sons and two daughters survive and mourn his loss.

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