Mrs. George Eddy (c1830-1874) Obituary

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The Byron News
Saturday, December 12, 1874

EDDY – In Byron, Ill., Dec. 8th, 1874, Mrs. George Eddy, aged 40 years and 11 months.

The Byron News
Saturday, December 19, 1874

Mrs. Geo Eddy was a lady so well known, and so highly esteemed that a word additional to last week’s brief notice of her decease may be acceptable. A lady whose tact, quick sensibility and Christian intelligence and a certain quiet and pleasing humor, won a place for her wherever she went and strengthened her influence among appreciative
friends. It was only her great sufferings reconciled these friends at last to bid her a cheerful good bye. A cheerful good bye, we say, for every shadow of gloom was banished from her sick room, and from her dying hour, in which she only seemed going in advance on a well known journey. In pious resignation, addressing her adieus to her companion and attendant friends, retaining self-consciousness, and marking the progress of her own decease, until the weary heart ceased its throbs and she was at rest with that Divine Friend whom it had been her highest satisfaction to confess as her supreme support in all her painful and lingering illness. The disease from which she had suffered many years, after examination confirmed, was an affection of the heart, so radical as to excite wonder that she retained so tenacious a hold on life. Mrs. E. was a native of New England, coming from Providence, R. I., to this State some fourteen years ago, her home having since been in this township.

“She hath found Him in whom she trusted by night and day,
Stand firm I charge thee, friend, by all below,
That knits our souls in one that thou dost take
This music from her lips, Christ’s love and strength,
And final victory in Him.”

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