OLIVER W. KELLOGG was born in the State of New York on April, 25, 1788.

In 1820 he moved to Sangamon Co., Ill., and there was married, Feb. 25, 1822 to Sarah Sherwood. In 1827, he broke the trail from Ogee's Ferry to Galena, and in 1829 moved to Kellogg's Grove, to which he gave the name, but before his arrival known as Burr Oak Grove. Here they remained until April 1831, when Kellogg bought of Isaac Chambers. The same summer, Mr. Kellogg moved south of the grove on the brow of the hill, where he had a larger house, which six or seven years later became known as "The Barracks", and was set aside for the use of newly arrived emigrants until they could find places for settlement. In 1852, this building was demolished to give place to George D. Read's steam saw-mill. The well Mr. Kellogg dug about 1833, is still in use. The Kelloggs came to Buffalo Grove better supplied with goods than most of the settlers, and he soon controlled the patronage of the Galena road owing to the accommodations he was able to offer travelers. As Mr. Kellogg was away from home when the Black Hawk War broke out, Mrs. Kellogg was taken in charge by the neighbors, and taken first to Dixon, and later Galena. While Kellogg was acting as guide for the army, his farm and house were pillaged by the Indians who carried off everything, but not discouraged, Mr. Kellogg resumed his farming in 1832. On Dec. 21, 1835, Mr. Kellogg succeeded P. Bush as Postmaster of Buffalo Grove, and he was the first Treasurer of Ogle County. In 1835, he assisted in laying out St. Marion, later Buffalo Grove, and gave the land for Buffalo Cemetery. Until 1846, he lived in Buffalo Village, but then having sold out, went to Tipton, Iowa, where he became Pastor of a Methodist Church, but died while on a visit to his daughter, at Dixon, Ill., Dec. 28, 1849, aged sixty-one years. He built a saw-mill at Buffalo Grove, and at it was sawed the lumber used in the first court house of Lee County. The Kellogg house of Buffalo Grove was organized on May 28, 1838, the third church of Buffalo Grove.

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