Several of the facts gathered rather hastily last week concerning the suicide of Oscar Swingley of Rockvale, were not entirely correct. The shooting occurred at about eight o'clock Wednesday morning. Shortly after eating breakfast, Mr. Swingley, who seemed in usual good health and spirits, went to an old house at some distance from the Swingley residence and ended his life with a 32-calibre repeating rifle. His hired man was fixing fence not far away when the shots were fired, and his younger son was close by digging potatoes; and although they heard the two rifle reports, no alarm was felt, for they had not thought that so serious a thing had happened. It was not until Mr.Griswald, who had come by to buy sheep, had inquired for Mr. Swingley that the search was made which ended in finding him lying lifeless with the weapon by which he met death still in his grasp, two bullet wounds were found, the one which was evidently made first being under the point of the chin, and the other on the right temple. The first bullet came out near the base of the nose and did not prove fatal, for another shot was fired, the discharge entering the head at the right temple and coming out at the ? of the head. When he was found he was extinct and the gun in his hand pointed toward the fatal wound. Those who heard the gun reports say that at least five minutes elapsed between shots. His determiniation in ending his life is thus seen by the short time which he allowed to lapse after evidently discovering that his first attempt was unsuccessful. Mr. Swingley was 48 years of age. He was an upright, industrious citizen, but for several months past has not been in good health and his family was aware that he was brooding about his physical condition but felt that he was recovering and that he would be alright again. The deceased was the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Swingley of Oregon, a man very highly respected by a very large ? of friends. In addition to his parents he is survived by two brothers, Dr. Jacob Swingley of Oregon and Dr. Benjamin Swingley of Freeport, his wife, two sons and one daughter.
The funeral was held at the late residence Friday and was largely attended.

Mount Morris Index, 2 September 1903

Contributed by Mabry Benson

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