Peter SMICE 1801-1884

Peter SMICE was the father of Nathan SMICE. Both were long-time residents of Ogle County, Illinois. Peter Smice was born March 2, 1801 in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

Peter Smice was the son of Johannes SCHMEISS (1753-1813) and Maria Elizabeth FRENCH (1765-1817).
Johannes Schmeiss (his name was later anglecized to "John Smice") was a Hessian soldier, captured at the Battle of Trenton on December 26, 1776. Johannes became a P.O.W. and was sent to Pennsylvania to work on public buildings. He was still listed as a P.O.W. in May of 1783. Johannes Schmeiss did not return to Prussia but remained in the United States, marrying and settling in Pennsylvania. Johaness died in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. The family eventually migrated to Washington County, Maryland.
On June 27, 1824, Peter SMICE married Elizabeth PARKS in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland. The parents and ancestors of Elizabeth Parks are unknown at this time. Peter and Elizabeth Smice were probably members of the Lutheran church in Maryland.
In 1844, Peter and Elizabeth moved their family to Ohio, possibly Miller Township, Knox County. In 1848, the Peter Smice family migrated to Ogle County, Illinois.

It is believed that Peter and Elizabeth Smice had ten (10) children: Margaret, Susanna, Elizabeth, Rebecca, John, George, Amelia, Mary L., Nathan, and Alonzo Keith.
Elizabeth Parks Smice was stricken with "Bilious Cholic" and died on October 3, 1849. Cemetery records state that Elizabeth was "sick one day". Elizabeth's death left Peter with several small children to raise. It is believed that Peter never remarried. Elizabeth Parks Smice is buried in the Pine Creek Brethren Cemetery (Dunkard's), Pine Creek Township, Ogle County, Illinois.

In January of 1851, Peter Smice received a land patent for forty (40) acres in the area of Grand Detour and Pine Creek, Ogle County, Illinois. Peter Smice was a farmer and became a long-time resident of Grand Detour, Illinois. He died January 30, 1884 in Grand Detour, Ogle County, Illinois. Peter Smice is buried next to his wife in the Pine Creek Brethren Cemetery.

Biographical sketch as researched by Layne A. Holley

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