"July 10, 1854--April 9, 1895; Phineas B. Chaney Jr. died at his home in Portland, Oregon, Tuesday April 9, 1895, of appendicitus, aged 41 years, 3 months and one day. Deceased was a native of Marion Township, a son of Phineas Chaney; deceased brother of Benjamin Chaney of White Rock, Mrs. Elizabeth Sheaff of Holcomb, Mrs. Martha Woodburn of San Diego, California and Samuel D. Chaney of Joliet. Mr. Chaney was in business in this city about 1877, then ten years in Brooklyn, New York, removed from there to Chicago, and thence to Portland. His wife, who was a native of this city, and one son ten years old, survive. Mr. Chaney will be mourned by a large circle of friends in Ogle County by whom he was highly esteemed for his excellent qualities."

[Oregon, Ogle Co., IL Genealogical Society]
Copied by Juli Chaney Jarvis

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