Mount Morris Index, Mount Morris, IL
October 14, 1903


Priscilla Burns was born in Washington County, Md., June 10, 1814, and died at Mount Morris Oct. 6, 1903, aged 89 years, 3 months and 26 days. Last week it was stated that she had passed her ninetieth year, but investigation proved that she had not quite reached that age.

In 1844 she was joined in marriage as a second wife to Mr. John Sharer, and about four years later came to Mount Morris, where her husband died in 1860, seventeen years after the marriage.

In 1881 she went to Kansas City with the families of Mrs. John Swingley and Mrs. W. W. Wheeler, step-granddaughters. She returned to Mount Morris in 1899 with Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, after an absence of eighteen years. Since her return she has been in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler until last October when she was taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Swingley, where her long life finally came to a close. Forty-one years of her life were spent in the vicinity of Mount Morris. She became a member of the Lutheran denomination in Maryland and continued a faithful member of the Mount Morris church during the remainder of her life.

Too much cannot be said in praise of the many virtues of Aunt Priscilla. She was of an exeedingly sociable nature and in her older years even the young people greatly enjoyed her company. She was of a cheerful disposition and a purely unselfish nature. Anything she was able to do for others was willingly done without consideration of her own comfort, the happiness and comfort of those about her seeming to be her greatest concern.

Henry Sharer, the venerable step-son, is the only surviving member of her own and her husband's immediate family. He preceded his father as a resident of Mount Morris five years, having reached the township just 64 years ago last Thursday.

Contributed by Peg Allen Arnold

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