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King Family Reunion, December 28, 1885, Rockford Daily Register

King Family Reunion, June 26, 1905, Rockford Republic

Naaman Spencer Decendents Reunion, September 27, 1898, Rockford Register Gazette

David Shumway Descendents Reunion, May 30, 1899 Rockford Morning Star

Westley Henry Labore Family Reunion, October 1, 1900, Rockford Register Gazette

Waggoner Family Reunion, June 28, 1900, Rockford Register Gazette

Knight Descendents Family Reunion, January 5, 1904, Rockford Morning Star

Countryman Family Reunion, June 23, 1919, Rockford Register Gazette (L) August 22, 1916 Rockford Republic (R)

Asa Tyler Descendents Family Reunion, July 12, 1917, Rockford Morning Star

Linn Family Reunion, August 23, 1919, Rockford Morning Star

Holmes Family Reunion, June 13, 1920, Rockford Morning Star

Light Family Reunion, July 15, 1935, Rockford Register Republic

Schreiber Family Reunion, June 16, 1920, Rockford Morning Star

Schreiber Family Reunion, June 19, 1921, Rockford Morning Star

Schryver Family Reunion, July 3, 1920, Rockford Register

Hardesty Family Reunion, July 22, 1928, Rockford Daily Register Gazette

Stull Family Reunion, June 12, 1934, Rockford Morning Star

Ling Family Reunion, August 2, 1927, Rockford, IL Daily Register Gazette

Reints Family Reunion, September 2, 1943 Rockford Register Republic

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