"Ogle County Reporter”, Friday, April 2, 1926

Deeds of Love Accord Fragrance to
Memory of Mrs. Rhoda Wilson,
Beloved Woman of Community.
Ties of affection woven during fragrant years of love, kindly service and willing helpfulness are in mortal measure severed by the passing from this life of Mrs. Rhoda Wilson, beloved woman of this community, whose transition to another realm, came gently with the evening twilight of Saturday, March 27.
The illness that proved of final portent, elicited the deep solicitude of a multitude of friends of all ages, because Grandma Wilson as she was affectionately and familiarly known, enjoyed the love of the entire community, which happy estate was reciprocated by her in a kindly, cheerful, neighborly affection for everybody, that accorded her a place in our community life, that will not again be filled.
Children loved Grandma Wilson and in passing her home, habitually watched for the kind face and the winsome smile and for the wave of her hand in response to their greeting, that was in keeping with the sentiment that at all times radiated from her genial personality.
Grown people, middle-aged and venerable, all loved Mrs. Wilson because of her wholesome nature and of the friendly, congenial disposition that won all hearts and the memory of which tends today to render the dearth occasioned by her passing from our midst of exceedingly poignant realization.
Rhoda Rogers was born in Grand Detour Township, June 30, 1850 and the years of her girlhood and early womanhood were passed in that locality, where in November of 1873 occurred her marriage to Lyman C. Wilson, following which they established their domicile where they continued to reside until 1897, when retiring from active farm life, they became residents of this community. The death of Mr. Wilson, occurred August 8, 1909.
There survive two daughters, Mrs. Gussie Sheets, wife of Dr. Horace H. Sheets, in whose home Mrs. Wilson was tenderly cared for during her illness and Mrs. Vernie Fearer, wife of Attorney William P. Fearer, whose privilege it was likewise to minister to the mother during the closing hours of a devoted life. Other surviving relatives are a sister, Mrs. Sarah Carpenter of Chicago and a brother, William Rogers of Huron, South Dakota, two half sisters, Gratia and Laura Rogers of Dixon and a step-brother Amos Bosworth and a step-sister, Florence Bosworth also of Dixon, and three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Stricken with pneumonia about two weeks ago, Mrs. Wilson was brought from her home to the residence of Dr. Sheets where every effort was made to effect her recovery. The pneumonia condition was under control when complications intervened that gradually assumed critical aspects. Quietly, peacefully, in keeping with the placid fidelity that throughout her life had been a manifest characteristic of her lovable nature, her spirit left its mortal tabernacle for the realm of immortality.

"And with morn,
The angel face smile;
That I have loved long since;
And lost awhile."

The funeral service held on Tuesday afternoon from the home of Dr. and Mrs. Sheets, was impressively conducted by Rev. B.C. Holloway, pastor of the Oregon Methodist Episcopal Church, the theme of whose memorial discourse, dwelt upon the span of human life, at best of brief duration, yet affording wonderful opportunity for service as emulated in the impulse of helpfulness and gracious purpose of she who was so quietly reposing in a veritable bower of beautiful flowers.
Two appropriate solos, "No Night There," and "Quietude," were rendered in exquisite taste by Miss Jane Harris, with Prof. Grover Stroh executing the piano accompaniment.
A large gathering of friends testified by their presence at the obsequies, the sentiment, of tender affection existing for Mrs. Wilson and her spirit of deep regret because of her death, permeating the entire community. The final rite prevailed at the Wilson family lot, on the slope overlooking the river, in Riverview Cemetery.

Submitted by Whitney Fearer Morrill

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