SAMUEL I. BEELER, Farmer, Sec. 31; P. O. Wales; owns 276 acres, value $11,040; was born August 16, 1823, in Washington Co., Md., and when 16 years old, served apprenticeship to the cooper trade, which he followed for 23 years; in 1841 came to Maryland Township in this county, where he lived until May 24, 1849, when he married Anna C., daughter of John Palmer of Mt. Morris in this county, and moved to Pine Creek Township, where he follwed his trade of copper, making flour barrels for the establishment of Pinckney, Adams & Co., he remained here until the mill was burned, June 9, 1850; the destruction of the Pine Creek flour mill was a severe loss in those days to the early settlers; Mr. Beeler was the first person to give the alarm when the fire broke out; the only persons on the premises were Mr. Beeler and wife and a small boy named Hunter; the fire was discovered about eight o'clock on Sunday morning, and immediately Mr. Beeler mounted his horse and rode with all haste to Mt. Morris, to report the matter to his employers, but owing to the too great distance from the comflagration, nothing could be done in time to save the mill; notwithstanding there were hundreds of men who responded to the alarm to give a helping hand; the structure was rebuilt about five years ago, and is now run by Mr. Newcomer from Pine Creek; he went to Buffalo Grove, and thence to Leaf River Township, where he invested in a farm in February 1854, which occupation (farmer) he has followed ever since; he is also agent for N. C. Thompson's Agricultural Implements, Nichols Shepards & Co.'s Vibrator Threshing Machines, and Hagerstown Agricultural Implement Co; is President of "Leaf River and Rockvale Fire Ins. Co.", is a Rep., was Constable and Collector, Road Commissioner, and Town Clerk. Mrs. Beeler was born Jan. 3, 1829 in Washington Co., Md.; they had eight children, four of whom are living and married and named - John J., born Jan. 4, 1853; Elmore L., June 6, 1861; Joseph G., Sept. 15, 1863; and Ernest, July 2, 1867; the four deceased were Annie E., aged three years and five days; Ella, aged one year and four months; Samuel H., aged three years, eight months and seven days; and Wm. A., aged four years and twenty-three days. Mr. Beeler has built three dwellings since he settled in this township, and a dwelling and cooper shop in Buffalo Grove, which cost in the aggregate $5,000; he never believed in paying house rent.

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