Is stricken on street at Glendale, Cal., on Monday of this week.

Was born in Mount Morris in 1851 and Lived Here Many Years, Going West to Sunnyside, Wash., Just Twenty Years Ago This Month.
Lewis Sprecher received a telegram Tuesday from Fred W. Brown, of Sunnyside, Wash., whose wife is a daughter of Thomas Williams, announcing that Mr. Williams had dropped dead on the street at Glendale, Cal.,, where he had been staying with his niece, Alice Lookabaugh, on Monday, and that Mrs. Brown was leaving for Glendale the next day (Tuesday) to bring the body to Sunnyside for burial. These were all the particulars Mr. Brown stated had come to him about the death, and he requested Mr. Sprecher to inform Mr. Williams’ relatives and friends here. Mrs. Charles Stonebraker is a sister. “Tom” Williams as he was familiarly known by everyone was a lifelong resident of Mount Morris, living here from his birth until 1903, just twenty years ago this month, when he removed with a number of others to Sunnyside, Wash., going to that region and growing up with its development and prospering. Mr. Williams had been interested in the Washington District for several years prior to his removal there. Mr. Williams was of a sunny and jovial disposition, and made many friends wherever he went. Last December he made a several weeks visit to his former home here, and met many relatives and friends who talked over the times past. Just before Christmas, he left for Sunnyside, where he arrived in time to enjoy Christmas with his daughters, Mrs. Fred W. Brown and Mrs. A. G. Fleming. Later he went on the Glendale, where he resided with his niece, as stated above. Mr. Williams was the son of Elias and Mary Williams, and was born at Mount Morris July 17, 1851, at the time of his death on March 5, being 71 years, 7 months and 18 days of age. He graduated from the Mount Morris public schools and later attended Rock River Seminary. He spent a number of years in the nursery and small fruit business, and in later years was a grain buyer and feed dealer, which later business he sold out to the Neola Elevator Company in 1900. Mr. Williams was married to Maggie C. Lookabaugh, daughter of Samuel and Mary Lookabaugh. Three children were born to them: Willis (deceased), Pearl, now Mrs. Fred W. Brown, and Allie, now Mrs. Archie G. Fleming, the two daughters residing at Sunnyside, Wash., where Mr. Williams removed in 1903. Mrs. Williams passed away about six years ago.

Contributed by Julie Bartimus (source unknown)

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