YOUNGS.--At his residence, in White Rock Grove, Ogle County, May 11, 1871, Thomas O. Youngs, aged 81 years.

Mr. Youngs was born at Trenton, N.J. of English parents. At an early time of his life he emigrated to Canada, but at the opening of the War of 1812, his patriotism was too strong to warrant his remaining there; and though at considerable pecuniary sacrifice, he removed to Cleveland, Ohio, which was then so entirely a wilderness, that Mr. Youngs was one of two men, who built the first frame house within the limits of that city. In 1838 he removed to the large and valuable farm, at White Rock, which, improved and beautified by his skill and enterprise, became a residence worthy of a patriarch, as he was. Mr. Youngs was emphatically one of those pioneers of this county, who have left their impress upon community for good, and of whom it is said, "their children shall rise up after them and call them blessed." Intelligent, generous, public-spirited, he had become greatly endeared to a large circle of friends, who have long regarded him as a most estimable neighbor, as a citizen without reproach, as a pattern man--nature's nobleman. Prospered in the accumulation of a liberal competence, he was more abundantly prospered in having raised a large family--four sons and four daughters now living--all occupying the highest rank among the most intelligent, enterprising and accomplished people of Ogle Co.
As a marked manifestation of the sincere regard and sympathy of neighbors and friends, a large concourse of people, not only of the immediate vicinity, but from considerable distance, attended his funeral at the Stillman Valley Church--sadly reminded, that one of the most honored of the early settlers of Northern Illinois has been gathered to his Fathers.

Thomas Ogden Youngs is my third-great grandfather: Diane Mills Clawson

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