Zion United Church of Christ of Adeline, Now Zion Evangelical

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In about the year 1845, the first families came to this region from Lippe-Detmold, Germany, and others from the state of Maryland, and settled in and around Adeline. Those families included such names as: Paul, Stukenberg, Bearman, Garkey, Hoffman, Fosha, Shuere, Kaney, Brockmeier, Kilker, Vietmeir, Tadtmann, Richter, Mohring, Korf.

The Adeline and North Grove Congregation ( located on Coffman Road, Maryland Township) united into one charge on October 20, 1860, alternating services between the two churches.

On Sunday, May 18, 1898, a tornado entirely destroyed the church and its contents. One week later, the congregation held a meeting in the Brotherhood Church in Adeline and decided to build a new church on the same location. It would measure 30 by 44 by 14 feet, at a final cost of $1,500. The building was dedicated on October 9, 1898, with Rev. Hoelke delivering the message in German, Rev. Underwood delivering another sermon in English, and Rev. Funk assisting.

Improvements and additions were constantly made as needs arose. In 1904, the church bell was purchased. An organ was purchased in 1910 for the 50th anniversary celebration. Rev. Hoeppner came in 1917 and began the difficult transition from German to English in the worship services. German services were apparently discontinued in both churches in 1934. In the 1950 celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the church, the present basement was dug and poured and a central heating system was installed. Almost all of the work was donated by members and friends of the congregation. The cost of the project totaled $5,000.

The year 1951 saw the discontinued use of the old pump organ. The piano was used in the services until the end of 1957, when a new organ was purchased. In 1954, the congregation installed new lights and individual members gave the Pulpit Bible, Chancel Picture, Altar Cross, Stained Glass Windows, Candle Holders and Altar Cover as memorials. In 1956, the well was drilled and running water installed.

Through the years, the women were active in sponsoring events to reimburse the treasury. In 1925, 19 women organized a Women's Society, which received the name "The Willing Workers." Since its existence, the society has been instrumental in many church projects, improvements and additions, home and foreign missions. The charter members of the Willing Workers are: Mrs. Halana Borland, Mrs. David Genandt, and Mrs. Ernest Hagemann.

Arnold Schaper, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schaper, is the first, and only, person of the congregation to go into full-time Christian service. He was ordained in June 1962.

In the year 1972, the name of Zion United Church of Christ was changed to Zion Evangelical Church of Adeline.

Those who have served the Zion United Church of Christ of Adeline as pastors are:

W. Jung - 1861 to 1866

W. Biesemeier - 1867 to 1901

E. Bloesch - 1901 to 1916

P. Hoeppner - 1917 to 1922

C. W. Warber - 1922 to 1927

A. Bock - 1927 to 1930

F. Huebner - 1930 to 1940

P. Beecken - 1940 to 1945

H. Kalkbrenner - 1945 to 1948

A. A. Susott - 1948 to 1952

Taken with permission from the book "The First 100 Years," a book about Leaf River, Illinois published in 1982

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